May. 5th, 2017

spindizzy: (Default)
It turns out that I feel less bad about doing the Extreme Time Management game when I'm already behind on literally everything I want to accomplish. ("I can do X on a day when I'm all caught up!" I tell myself, knowing that day will never come.)

I think I mentioned here that I'm gonna be busy as fuck this month with my dayjob (working at four libraries this month, sometimes two in one day; I DO THIS TO MYSELF), but also sign language class restarts, I have moonlighting to do (transcription and copy editing), AND Lady Business that I'm five months behind on.

Hoo boy.

It's a hell of my own making so I THINK I can tackle it. The transcriptions I'm just up to editing passes, so those are relatively quick and straightforward; if I can do two episodes a day I should be done by the end of next week! The copy editing and the LB stuff is open-ended but IT IS FINE, I have my concentration pills so if I can get on task I may be able to stay on it. By the end of May I will... hopefully be breaking even on being on top of my shit vs buried under it, but no guarantees.

TL;DR if you wanna know where I am this month, assume FLAILING WILDLY about how busy I am, okay? Okay.