Apr. 6th, 2017

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Hugo Award image showing that LADY BUSINESS IS A NOMINEE!


I am so proud of us, oh my god, look at this. Look! And we're not there because someone else dropped out or as a reaction to Sad/Rabid Puppy shenanigans, we're just... There. Legitimately. Because people nominated us because maybe they like us or something?

I am crying, guys, oh my goodness. Thank you everyone who nominated us! Thank you so much!

This ballot is really exciting though -- there are so many categories where I'm looking at it going "I don't know how I'm going to choose, everything I recognise I really liked!" and that's how it's supposed to be. I mean, there's a couple of duds, but that's fine? Those are avoidable? For the most part, I'm stuck on little things like there not being a single white dude in the best novel category, or how I recognise so many of these names I am happy to see them!

My nomination strategy was literally "What is going to make me clap like a seal if I see it on the ballot?" and I am so glad that strategy actually paid off.

Which is the long, tearful way of saying "Thank you so much everyone, I am honoured to be on this ballot with this company, and congratulations to all the nominees!" (Especially my fellow [community profile] ladybusiness folks, who I'm sure I haven't hugged enough over this development.)

I... Guess it's a good thing I assembled a party to go to Worldcon in Helsinki, then?