Jan. 1st, 2017

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I am TOTALLY going to write for [livejournal.com profile] bb_shousetsu, I am, even if the posts never make it off this journal, I am DETERMINED. I just need people to help me pick the story I want to tell.

The theme for the next issue is "Long live the king", and I currently have two ideas that I'd be happy to write.

  1. Young king is trying to solve a mystery in his castle... That keeps killing him. The court wizard is getting REALLY FUCKING SICK of bringing him back. At some point they bone. ("Long Live The Queen" but with dudes fucking and the royal one has no magic.)
    Pro: I could have SO MUCH FUN with a deadpan snarker wizard and his beautiful sunbeam of a king and this is a relationship dynamic that I REALLY ENJOY.
    Con: I am not 100% sure I have a justification for a guy dying repeatedly yet. Could rapidly spiral out of control and turn into a whole THING that would take a zillion words and never get finished because I am me.

  2. Old king is abdicating in favour of one of his female relatives, because quite frankly he'd rather be around to see the country she built than wonder about what it would be like. He runs away with lover to have old man adventures. At some point they bone.
    Pro: Would definitely be easier to keep this story corralled to a fixed timeframe instead of letting it spiral! Established relationships might be easier to write, will almost definitely make the porn easier. Will probably need less set up/world-building.
    Con: ... I'm not saying that this would be the "THIRTY YEARS LATER" version of the other idea I had, but it totally fucking would be. Hard to go the emotional impact of the end of a reign if you've not seen any of the lead-up. What if it needs MORE worldbuilding?

  3. ... I am also not against throwing both of these settings out of the window, keeping the Ball Of Sunshine King and his Grumpy Owl Wizard and having them going wandering around asking people if they've seen his castle. He had one, y'see, and then one day it got up and walked away, and it's a bit awkward when your castle's taken off without you. At some point they bone.
    Pro: I wasn't kidding about how much I like that combo of traits. Honestly might be easier to keep the story contained because it's got a very definite goal ("King has no castle -> King has a castle"). Grumpy Wizard could probably be 1000% grumpier and it would be 100% legit. Adventurer Kings are the BEST kings.
    Con: ... I literally just came up with that idea at 3:12 in the morning, that is probably a terrible idea, you can tell because it delights me.

So... Thoughts? Opinions? No Susan don't write any of those, all of those ideas are stupid?

(I have this thing where I come up with an idea before I go to work, roll it around for a while as I shelve books, and then I realise that my shiny new idea was still a bit sticky and now it's covered in lint and I'm not sure I can be trusted with it anymore. This is why I'm outsourcing my good decision making skills.)