Sep. 22nd, 2015


Sep. 22nd, 2015 12:31 am
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Hey guys - this post is going to be a sticky, so feel free to come back to it whenever you fancy! I'm doing my best to make it easy to find.

I WOULD LIKE YOU GUYS TO LEAVE ME PROMPTS, IF THAT'S OKAY. Any fandom you think I'm into or would like, any/no pairings, as many comments/prompts as you'd like. I just... Want to make a repository of things for me to write in the future that's a bit less intimidating than going through the [community profile] ff_exchange backlist. Like, I won't promise that I'll get to everything, but I really like the idea of having a fixed place to look for inspiration?

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I have work THEN Welcome to Night Vale in, like, Leeds? (Who goes to LEEDS?! says the girl who narrowly escaped studying in Leeds.) and then I'm going back to my Mum's for the rest of the week. I ain't getting home till MIDNIGHT.

But on the flip side, I was HORRIFICALLY disorganised this week. I think I'm going to need this time at my mum's just to get my writing life sorted out. The hope is that now I have a relatively fixed schedule, I can mark out ACTUAL WRITING TIME for myself, and then I'll be a competent human being. ... Hopefully I won't be defeated by video games, like I usually am when I try to sort my life out.

(I've still not packed. My problem is going to be taking the books with me that I want to write reviews of while I'm there, AND having room for clothes and my laptop and the two handbags my mum wants me to bring her. HOPE [ profile] hardlyaverage LEFT SOME SPACE IN THE CAR.)

On the plus side, part of my procrastination was uploading new icons, which means I actually have ones for the fandoms I'm writing in!

OneWord fic for Skulduggery Pleasant, FFVIII, and Pandora Hearts. )