Oct. 31st, 2014

spindizzy: (Broken)
Having a social group made up almost entirely of people with mental health problems means never having to explain why you're in counselling.

... Oh yeah! Hey guys, I've been in counselling since like June, it's been great. Not actively suicidal anymore, not bursting into tears every single week, number of anxiety attacks is way down (see also: not crying every week), and I feel like I could maybe be a functioning human being if I put the effort in?

Like, my counselor says I'm putting the work in and I spent the entirety of the summer not doing anything stupid (... This is part of the reason I moved in with [twitter.com profile] captainraz and [twitter.com profile] splend. ... Did I mention that? That was a thing I did in July or August to make up for the fact that my housing situation was also contributing to me crying in corners and having anxiety attacks. Also I can't live on my own because spiders are a thing that exist.) and I think she might be trying to immersion therapy me re: complements so I don't freak out and die whenever someone says something nice about me.

I'm pretty sure my appointment tomorrow is going to be my last one, owing to me not officially being a student any more as of Monday. Oh shit, I'm not going to be a student any more as of Monday! What the fuck! ... No, focus. Counselling. It's going to be really weird not going anymore? Like, my appointments have been one every two weeks for the last month or so, but... Still a bit weird. I'm not sure if I have any particular feelings about this matter one way or the other.
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