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This is all angry venting, I may change my mind about all of this later in the game, but right now I am pissed. Venting my spleen might help before I go back to it. :\

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Theory: this party fails the sexy lamp test. *SHRUG EMOJI INTENSIFIES*
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SPOILERS AHOY, on phone so excuse lack of bullet points.

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  • FUCK COSTLEMARK TOWER AND ALL WHO SAIL IT. I ended up getting lost in the maze and doing the miniboss room FOUR TIMES. I was level 64 at the time, it was OBSCENE.

  • Total item cost of Costlemark Tower:
    • 99 potions

    • 2 mega potions

    • 27 elixers

    • 35 hi-elixers

    • 23 Phoenix Downs

    • 8 megalixers

    • 13 Maiden's Kisses


  • I am SUPREMELY bad at the fishing mini-game; I have made it to level 8 in the fishing skill and to be perfectly honest I do not even care anymore, the Vesper Gar and Gladio's giant fish can stay in the lake forever for all I care.

  • My headcanon is that Prompto crushes on pretty much every girl he meets, and also maybe like five dudes? And it is just an open secret that he has a crush on Gladio that he is never planning to do anything with.

    (My headcanon for how this is revealed is pretty that Prompto mentions it over breakfast one day while they're still students, while Noctis is still like 75% asleep and incapable of giving a fuck. And Noctis manages to scrap together enough care to ask "Really?" Because this is clearly important to Prompto, but Noctis has also pretty much been devoted to Lunafreya since before he even understood a) what that meant, and b) that there were people in the world who weren't, and is still probably figuring out how having an actual sexuality works from Prompto's desperate raptures.

    "Uh, dude, have you seen Gladio?"

    *Gladio walks past, taking off his vest top to put on that button down shirt that he never bothers to fasten for Reasons, probably either sweaty from morning training or damp from the post-training shower*

    "... Makes sense, yeah," Noctis says, and that's pretty much the strongest reaction Prompto gets.)
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  • So it was Epistory my mum was playing, and she was apparently as confused as I was when I said it was a typing game, but she clocked back on it after I said that and she's found the words you need to type! She can now engage with the actual gameplay! Am proud, and also trying to explain that she needs to get a certain amount of points through typing to unlock the next bit. Also checking what difficulty she's on because I don't think she's going to like the typing-as-a-combat-mechanic thing.

  • If anyone remembers the spaceship typing game btw, she'd like to play that again – I know the one she means but fucked if I can remember what it's called, and it's not like googling "spaceship typing game" will – MOTHERFUCKER YES IT WILL!

  • One of my nieces (who is like nine?) has fallen out with my mum because my mum can do adding up in her head and she's NOT HAVING IT.

  • It WAS one of those episodes that takes like eight hours, fuck everything.

  • Lindy Bop and The Big Bloomers Company are both doing summer sales, and I know we've HAD our summer in the UK, but it might still be helpful.

  • Need to recommend Planetbase to our Jill, because it's basically just Banished in space. Seriously, building games need to just let you set a to-do list or a direct numbered priority list, because the vague way they prioritise things is aggravating as hell.

  • Remembered that The Losers exists and now I just want to back-to-back The Losers and The Magnificent 7 and cry over handsome bastards blowing things up, help.

  • Lex is so pretty. I know he doesn't read this so it doesn't matter if I put it here, but he's just so pretty.
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She is sixty-three, and not only does she use selfie correctly in conversation, but when I'm bragging about my new haircut she tells me to whatsapp her a selfie so she can see it. She is adorable.

Also I gave my mum access to my steam library (Jill and Lex also have access, because you can share it with up to five people; it's useful for when I want to lure them into things!) so she can play Gone Home and Gravity Ghost, and when I phone her she tells me how she's getting on. She says next time I visit I need to help her with the bits she's stuck on, and I can't tell if this is social bonding, a prompt for me to point her to gamefaqs or something (I am not going to attempt to explain video tutorials) or if I should tell her about the cool thing I found out that you can do on Steam where you can let someone come and watch your game as you play, because then she can just SHOW me where she's stuck.

She's also playing Epistory, which she appears to like but I have no idea how she's playing it because my mum is not known for her typing skills. I guess it's a good way to learn, as it's a fantasy typing game...?
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  • (Am I ever going to forgive the FFVII:AC subs for not having that line? NOPE.)

  • I had my sign language exam yesterday! And a resit from my previous sign language exam that I messed up! ... Did I mention that I'm doing sign language? Did I mention that I failed my last exam? It was by two points, it was honestly just a relief that I hadn't autofailed it that I didn't even mind. I... Apparently looked like I was crying for the resit (I was a little?), and my fingerspelling wasn't very fluid, but I did okay? Maybe? And after my actual exam he specifically said that I didn't do anything wrong, which is not the same as getting anything right but is CLOSE ENOUGH. Everyone keeps asking when i'll get my results and legit I forgot to ask because I am just so relieved that I'm done! I feel lighter! And happier! This is so nice!

  • (Me, yesterday, talking about the week where my mental health was just NOPE: Yeah, I don't know whether it was hormones or exam stress or overwork, or being ill, but all of those have gone none and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!
    Lex: ... Maybe it was all of them.)

  • I only have like four extra shifts this months! This is NONSENSE and by nonsense I mean...Holy shit, my schedule looks empty. I worked FLAT OUT in May (I sure did work all but three working days in May and all but five working days in June, and I sure did collapse the first time I had a day off in June, which took me out of... Almost everything, So my schedule being this open is... Weird. Super weird. But it's nice, I approve, I am going to use it to play all of the video games, transcribe all of the Fangirl Happy Hour (it's a short episode this week! This is either going to be a breeze or take me EIGHT YEARS for no reason and there is literally no way to know until I get there.), and... Review some things! Maybe write some stories! I am so excited about this and it feels really nice, like all of my batteries have been replaced and I can maybe fit in everything that I want to do!

  • It probably helps that I've been going to bed at the same time as Lex recently (mostly; he had a night out with his work friends and I accidentally stayed up until 4am playing The Sexy Brutale) so I have been going to bed around 23:30 every night. It's weird! But also kinda nice! But also I have been waking up around 6:30 and just... Rolling around in the being warm and in a sunbeam because I'm not actually awake enough to get out of bed.)

  • I have been aggressively stickering my diary because stickers are a REALLY GOOD WAY for me to track progress and what I've been doing. ALl of my writing stickers and basic looking-after-myself stickers haven't been getting any play for the last couple of weeks, so I guess I'm getting back to functional adulthood, wish me luck.
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OKAY, IN CONCLUSION: if you like scary games about incidental time travel, ghosts, siblings, and trying to make the best decisions when there aren't any: have I got a game for you.


Also: I recommend all of [personal profile] rionaleonhart's fic on the subject of timetravel because yes. Sold. Absolutely. This is my new canon ending.
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Spoilers, I guess? I am about two hours in and have just played a game for Clarissa. Also, uh, caution warning for stuff that is also probably spoilers DO NOT CLICK OKAY

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I have sure FAILED SOME WILL SAVES! Go me.

The short list of what I picked up:
  • Triple Town — I described it to Lex as a super-complicated version of 2048, and I don't think I'm wrong! You place objects (grass, bushes, trees, bears...), and when you get three together it schloops them all together into the square of the last one you placed. This is the part that is foxing me. I can get as far as "Okay, I want this stage one thing to end up here" and then I can't quite map it to where I want the higher stage ones to be. IT'LL BE FINE, I CAN LEARN.

  • Oxenfree — The trailer looks fucking terrifying. Like "genuinely don't want to play this in a room on my own" levels of scary, because I am a wuss and horror games are not my forte. But [personal profile] rionaleonhart played it and said smart things about it, so I am gonna give it a go! It looks like it has siblings, and that is always a good way to get me into your game.

  • Long Live The Queen — I actually bought this direct from the developers a while ago but I've lost the installation file and the links in my email don't work, so rebuying it for cheap. The goal is to keep a princess alive for a full year to her coronation, and I have managed it once. Every other time she has died horribly and I've got a cute little picture to commemorate it. It's a skill-building visual novel? And I usually end up putting a notepad file next to my game screen to track what skills I need to get on which story track. LET'S SEE HOW IT GOES THIS TIME.

  • Abzu — This is incredibly soothing and I didn't read the blurb before I bought it so I have no idea what's actually going on. [tumblr.com profile] chirart played it a while ago, I think? And I remembered it sounding like Journey, but underwater, and there was maybe a shark friend and terrible controls. So I have straight up just been guessing what the hell is going on ("... Am I dead? Oh! No! It's the scifi future! Maybe I'm a conservationist and that's why I'm bringing back all of the sharks? A OH GOD SHARK ATE MY ROBOT FRIEND! ... I think I just made an amoeba out of my soul and it turned into killer whales and rejuvenated the seascape.") even though I could just look it up and know. Lex did specifically ask me if I knew what was going on in this game, and I may have confused him when I said no. But it's mostly peaceful! Swimming around! Seeing all the fish! Maybe being a scifi future priestess/conservationist!

  • The Sexy Brutale — So, you're locked in a mansion/casino at a houseparty, everyone is wearing masks, and the staff are trying to kill everyone. Also if someone with a mask sees you it will fly off their face and do something to you which looks really scary so I always flee before they can get me. Also you can travel through time to try to prevent those murders. I have solved one (1) murder so far, and it's really stressful but I am intrigued and want to know what the hell is going on! Plus the art style is... Unusual... (The second trailer is the best one, if only for the line "I think we've all seen enough. No murders happening here.")

  • Avian Attorney — Birds being lawyers and punning horrifically in nineteenth century France. This is gonna go great.

I also picked up Framed on my tablet because [twitter.com profile] readingtheend doesn't usually play video games but did mention this one as one she's tried. It's noir style, completely textless, and you re-arrange animated comic book panels to get the protagonist safely from one end of the page to another without getting arrested, shot, or falling off a skyrise. I've not finished it, but it's pretty fun so far! ([personal profile] thebaconfat, [personal profile] squeemu: it is a little bit our aesthetic, so it might be worth checking out on youtube to see if you like the look of it! Also I know I recced Phoenix Wright to you literally five years ago, but it's on android/ios now if you wanna check it out!)

Has anyone else fallen victim to the Steam sale? What got you? Anyone got any recs?
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  • OKAY, I know I make the "I live, I die, I live again" joke on the regular, but SERIOUSLY THIS TIME. I was Ill on Wednesday. Like, got out of work and it was full on "shivering and chills, then swinging to boiling hot, then back again to being COLD!" levels of Ill. (At one point I turned round to Lex and announced "Look! I have goosebumps! I didn't think it was that cold in here!" in tones of great excitement. Apparently it wasn't and I was doing him a concern.)Cut for fun with illnesses! )

  • Sooooo HOW ABOUT THAT ELECTION? I am immensely satisfied that the Conservatives lost their majority, I am concerned about what they're trying to do to get one back. As far as I can tell the DUP are somewhat... Not Great? I am taking some satisfaction that even though there are STILL people who think the Tories are the people to vote for, UKIP are fucking OUT, and the left did pretty well! I mean, there was low-key voter suppression going on in a few counties, and we still managed a hung parliament, that's not nothing. I'm... Honestly hoping that the left gets its shit together for a proper coalition government, but failing that I am happy with them doing this AGAIN next week if that's what it fucking takes. I CAN WAIT ALL MONTH, GOVERNMENT, IT'S ONLY YOUR OWN TIME YOU'RE WASTING.

  • I am Attempting Femininity, which means that I have a SUPER FUCKING CUTE DRESS (It's a Corinna from Lindy Bop) and Bandelettes so that my large leaden thighs don't get rubbed raw. The bandelettes are kinda neat - I've got the unisex ones, so it's a nylon/lycra wrap with silicone around the top and bottom so it actually stays in place on your leg. (Advice I have been given: if you're buying these and you are between the size bands, SIZE DOWN.) So far, I've worn them under a dress while chilling in someone's house, and I'm wearing them under trousers at work today because guess who only just realised these trousers have holes in the thighs, oops. POINT BEING, they have worked so far but I don't know if that's because I am not using them to the full extent or what.

  • (It is really hard to admire them, because they make my thighs actually look decent! But then I get distracted by my belly being gross, so I guess I will have to appreciate their existence without looking at them.)

  • My nail varnish choices are EXCELLENT.

  • [twitter.com profile] hardlyaverage has promised to teach me how to sew so that I can make my OWN cute sundresses! I am so excited!

  • Speaking of excited, our [twitter.com profile] jilliferium is coming down to Nottingham AS I TYPE and I'm going to get to see her tomorrow! She is here to see her friend the Slammin' Salmon and I am kind of a "Well, I GUESS you're here too" and THAT IS FINE because we're gonna go to a craft shop and probably fail will saves against fancy wool.

  • (Oh, yeah, three of my friends have moved house to down the road from TWO DIFFERENT CRAFT SHOPS, this is the best and also the worst.)

  • Sign language is going... UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. I failed my exam by two points, which is still better than auto-failing it, but it is stressing me the fuck out and the closer it gets to my next exam date/my resit (July 4th) the worse it gets.

  • Apparently the internet has been out at home since Friday (to which my instinctive response was "Wait, has it?" because I have SO MUCH PHONE DATA for just this occasion and also I literally haven't been at home and conscious long enough to get my laptop out since Wednesday. Turns out there was a relay switch that was nearly as old as I am that had died, so... Yay for technicians, I guess?

  • Went to the dentist on Saturday for a filling. D: Decided not to get my face numbed (Like, fillings don't hurt? Needles do though.), which meant that I was in and out in about twenty minutes, which is REALLY GOOD. Full on "Wait, did I miss it?" levels of speedy. My dentist knows that dentists freak me out, so she's really good about getting me in and out as quick as she can, and Lex went along to look after me so I only shook a little bit. Apparently not getting your face numbed is unusual, but seriously it makes everything take longer, and I don't care that it hurts I care about the noises and the way that fucking hook feels inside your face. (Fortunately, the vacuum thing drowned out most of the drill noises.)

  • My "I am one with the Force, the Force is with me" bracelets from [personal profile] thebaconfat are super great and I am glad I wore them to the stressful thing.

  • I am so ready to be done with Hugo reading right now, I've hit the doldrums of Important SFF that is Doing Something Interesting that happens to bore me to tears, and I am probably going to throw it all over for reading viciously for the series stuff. How much of these doldrums is because I'm ill? Who could say!

  • FLIGHTS BOOKED FOR WOLDCON, SOUND THE ALARMS. Also as far as I can tell, I've got everything paid for for Nine Worlds (Ticket, trains, hotel), so I'm definitely going to that too! If you're going to either of them, let me know! Maybe we can meet up and I can be awkward in your general direction for a bit!

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OKAY, I have nearly survived The Merry Month of Working ALL OF THE SHIFTS, yay! Like, I'm ringing in June with a midnight showing of Wonder Woman right before a day where I'm working 9:00-19:00, BUT CONSIDER THIS: Wonder Woman! And also ONLY ONE SIX DAY WEEK IN JUNE. \o/ I am fucking mighty, fuck yeah.

Like, I'm still trying to claw my way back to productivity – I mentioned on twitter, I think – and while I'm struggling a little to get my brain back in gear after the Month Of Doom and also taking at least a week off being a useful human being, but I am so much better!

To do:
  • Hugo consumption! I was trying so hard to put so much books in my face, but I've actually had to bring back the rule of "If I am bored and would seriously rather be reading a fanfic that I've read a thousand times before by 10% through it is going BACK DOWN THE QUEUE until after other things!" And I've unfortunately burned through all of the short fiction I was saving as a palatte cleanser. D: (The short fiction category is a bastard, not because things are BAD, but because everything is REALLY FUCKING GOOD. UGH THIS IS THE LEAST CONVENIENT THING, OH MY GOD.) But I'm... I think all the way through the podcast category? Literally listening to Galactic Suburbia right now to... Oh, no, Coode Street, DAMN. I'm thinking I might do a couple of [community profile] ladybusiness posts to yell about what I've read? And that will maybe help me to decide what I want to vote for number one.

  • Yell about all of the media. Yell a lot.

  • Also yell about things like diaries and work.

  • Lesbrary post! I think I'm going to write about Iron & Wine, because it's so perfect and my last few reviews have been downers.

  • I have little page flags with Things I Want To Write on them so that I can fit them into my schedule where I can. I have thirty-two page flags stuck into the back pages of my writing diary right now. Maybe I should reduce that number by finishing things. I have a couple of things in mind for the order I want to do them in, so WE WILL SEE.

  • Ugggggh what do I even have to dooooo I am looking at my diary and I have nothing useful written in it. I might get an early night (yes, yes, half midnight would be an early night for me go away) and see if that helps with not being dead after Wonder Woman. If anyone has requests, NOW IS THE TIME while I am distracted and don't know what I've promised people.

  • OKAY, REVISE THAT LAST POINT: dump literally everything that I could possibly think of doing into a list on a post-it and see how much of it I can fit into my schedule, then do whatever fits. Yes, this is a good plan.

So yes, I will see you tomorrow with a BEAUTIFULLY REVISED LIST for June, probably, because filling in my diary is a good warm-up exercise to get my brain in gear, and until then I'm gonna sleep like the fucking dead. (If anyone can recommend a source of good sleep/nap themed icons in any of my fandoms, HOOK ME UP.)

Good night, internet. Good night.

ETA: Q: Susan, did you know that you said the EXACT SAME THING on Saturday?
A: NOPE oh god that's probably a bad sign.
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OKAY, here is everything I know about Actual Arthurian Legend without wikipedia-ing anything, just through pop culture.

  • There is a guy called Uther! He is Arthur's dad! Apart from that, he's not very important?

  • There is a sword in a stone! I believe that the sword is Excalibur, but to be honest Arthur might have had two magic swords?

  • Arthur pulls the magic sword out of the magic stone, becomes King of England.

  • There is a wizard called Merlin? He is also not very important. He is dating a sorceress called Nimue who is like... A water-focused spellcaster? Maybe?

  • Nimue is also NOT the Lady in the Lake? But yes, no, Arthur pulls a sword out of a stone and the Lady in the Lake gives him Excalibur, and they are different. I think.

  • Guinevere is Arthur's wife, except that at some point she goes "Man, Arthur is AN ASSHOLE, hello handsome French knight!" and runs away with Lancelot.

  • ... Legit, the only reason I know that Lancelot was French was because of Hamilton.

  • There is a round table! And twelve knights, maybe. ALL OF THEM DIE TERRIBLY, some of them through looking for the holy grail for Reasons, and some of them just because they're actually assholes?

  • Mordred is a thing (Maybe he kills Arthur? Maybe he just WANTS to kill Arthur) and is the... I'm gonna say brother of Arthur? Oh, oh, was he one of those babies who was born through the medium of "Well I guess I'm magically wearing your husband's face, we might as well have sex!"? I'm pretty sure that's a thing, right?

  • When Arthur dies, he goes "[Knight], you are the least dickish of my friends, take Excalibur and throw it into the lake so the Lady of the Lake is not fucking pissed at us and I get to die in peace," except that dude got as far as going to the lake and then went "BUT, CONSIDER THIS: I could totally keep this sword!" and there was much drama and possibly the classic "fails two times and THEN he stops being a dick" that is common in many myths.

  • Never store La Morte D'Arthur on a high shelf, that is how people die.

And now I am going to go and actual look things up, because I am PRETTY SURE this is all wrong.
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At least partially so I have something to do while listening to these podcast samples for the Hugos that isn't crocheting. ([profile] jilliferium's housemate has had their baby and I still have wool left! I need to make ALL OF THE BOOTIES before Jill comes to visit me!)

(In related news: if the Coode Street Podcast has a download button on their mobile site, I can't see it. How unfair is it to ding an entrant for it being a pain in the arse to access their sample?)

I have SO MANY ideas and WIPs and LB posts and THINGS that need cracking into a proper, sensible to-do list and triaging. I just need to sit down and sort it out so I can plug things into my diary. Might make it my task at the weekend while I wait for laundry to finish. Hm.

(Q: Susan, is this just convoluted procrastination?
A: Man, if you think THIS is convoluted procrastination you ain't seen nothing yet.)
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I took some scrap paper in when I went to see King Arthur (again) today, because y'know, I'll take some quick notes! It'll be fine! I had some good fic ideas that I kept forgetting!

Eighteen 6x6" scraps of paper and a WHOLE BUNCH of notes later... >_>

([personal profile] thebaconfat I don't know if you're planning to see it, but if you are, let me know what you thought? There are war elephants! And I can give any spoilers/warnings you want.)
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... Seriously, one day, I am just going to sit down and do a series of posts where I try to explain fandoms that I have encountered in passing and what I think the plot and/or canon ships are based on what I've seen. It will go SO BADLY and I will be SO WRONG.

(Pro-tip: my explanation of Star Wars: Rebels would be the only one with actual names. And even then it's Ezra Who Is Jenny's Idiot Son, Hera the Great, Wren the Explosive, Purple Dude, Failbot, Ponytail Jedi of My Heart, and Douchebag McRedemptionArc who's real name is too on the nose to be worth remembering. ... Oh, and I could maybe Jojo! Because I think everyone is named Jojo? Maybe?)

... No, fuck it, this IS that day! Give me a canon/fandom you think I'm not in, I will tell you what I think it's about, and we'll see how wrong this goes.
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But I am aware of the explosions in Manchester, I've texted me mam and she says that none of my family are in town tonight so they should all be safe. I've seen a few of the older ones knocking around on FB, so it looks like we're all okay. We're okay.

(I've actually been in that concert arena, and the tram line they've had to shut down is my only route home. This is deeply deeply strange to see.)
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What time is it? Time for me to give you additional voting resources, that's what bloody time. HAVE FUN.

1) Are you registered to vote? If not, it takes five minutes on the internet, you MIGHT need your national insurance number. Do it by the 22nd. https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
1a) If you are about to say any variation of "My vote won't matter," my only response is "Yes it will, because not voting is the same as voting for the Conservatives, VOTE YOU FOOLS." ... Okay, and possibly "Nooooo, friend human, the old people will all go and vote, and they don't give a fuck because they aren't going to live long enough to deal with this bollocks." WHICHEVER WORKS.
1b) If you are a student, it is worth checking out this site to see whether it's more effective to vote at home or at uni: http://ge2017.com/students
1c) Postal votes are big and clever if you're not sure you're going to be able to make it to a polling station!

2) If you are voting tactically, this site tells you which party has a better chance of beating the Conservatives in a given constituency: https://www.tactical2017.com/
2a) ... See, I saw this tweet from Theresa May saying that she only needs to "loose" six seats to not be PM anymore, and while I'm sure that's bollocks, I feel like that's pretty good motivation, right? https://twitter.com/theresa_may/status/865855578454806529

3) If you want to see exactly what you're voting for: friend humans I am way ahead of you.
Labour Manifesto: http://www.labour.org.uk/index.php/manifesto2017 (Hey look, they showed their working!)
Conservative Manifesto: https://www.conservatives.com/manifesto (As I saw on twitter: "Isn't it interesting how few actual timeframes and plans for funding there are in here?")
Lib Dem Manifesto: http://www.libdems.org.uk/manifesto (They literally had to take out an ad to get it on the first page of Google, it was NO WHERE ELSE ON THAT PAGE.)
Green Party Manifesto: https://www.greenparty.org.uk/green-party-manifesto.html (Is apparently not up yet, despite the election being in two weeks.)
UKIP Manifesto: Excuse me I already put the Conservative manifesto here, I think that's quite enough bigotry in one post, yeah?
(If there is another party you think worth adding to the list, leave me a link in the comments and I'll add it to the post.)

This is all of the information I have that I don't feel the need to precede with "A Conservative government is LITERALLY GOING TO GET PEOPLE KILLED," feel free to share it if you don't feel like compiling the links yourself. But seriously: Registration closes on the 22nd. Postal votes will be arriving by the 2nd of June. The election is on the 8th of June.

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Me: I have to write my Eight Book Minimum stuff.
Me: Or I could do the reading for Fangirl Happy Hour.
Me: Or I could start on my Hugo reading!
Me: Oh look, I lost an entire evening to playing Banished and Renowned Explorers, how the fuck did that happen?
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I got a text from our David, my brother, on Saturday telling me he's having a boy and also not to worry about Brexit because he love me, so I phoned him, right? And he is PLASTERED. Like, full-on drunken slurring into the phone because he's so happy that he's having a boy!

David: You're gonna be an auntie!
Me: I'm already an auntie, our David, I have nine nieces.
David: No, I mean a real auntie.

Apparently it only counts if it's a boy and/or his (he alternately remembered and forgot that we have a great-nephew when trying to explain that he's the only male human in our family.), and all of the women in our family are muggles and he and his son are going to be the purebloods. Hm. That... Sure is a thing that my brother said out loud with his mouth. Along with all of the ranting about how happy he is that the baby's penis is visible on the ultrasound.

I mean, it's not that I didn't know he was dating someone (although I didn't, and it's a different person to who he mentioned last time I was down to visit, so this is a relationship that either he's been keeping secret or it's less than five months old, which is...), it's... Hm. I want to be happy for him! I genuinely do! I think he will love this kid! He will probably be fine with this kid! Because he is great with our Chloe (our mutual niece who is wobbling on the rails at the moment; she got high on some TRULY DODGY STUFF not too long ago and he was great at dealing with that.) and he loves all of his family very much. But also... Our David is a racist UKIP/Conservative-voting Brexiteer who used to get done for violent offences and now just gets done for drink driving? And I am really worried about this kid before it's even born?

It's due October 22nd, apparently it's going to be named Anthony after our David's dad1 and he wants me to come to the christening. Okay. This is doable.

(Also: I think this officially means that all of my six older siblings who are physically capable of spawning now have. Bingo?)

1: For those who are just joining us, this row of my family tree is COMPLICATED. My parents both had two daughters and a son from previous marriages when they got together, and then they had me and [twitter.com profile] jilliferium. David is my brother on my mum's side. Also yes, I am the second youngest of eight.


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