Feb. 17th, 2017 10:02 pm
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Nate grabbed the cliff edge to haul himself up – and then it crumbled away beneath his fingers.

He had exactly enough time to yelp, hands and feet scrabbling for purchase that wasn't there --

But Elena was.

"I wish you could have done that," Oscar said, sighing. "I couldn't rattle him at all, but you might have been able to."

Break smiled, jagged teeth sharp in his lollipop. "Ah, but I don't play chess, especially not with rats. He would have been more suspicious of me." The candy shattered beneath his death, although Break's expression didn't change at all.

The building was in a great state of repair, just great, thanks Jay, it was gonna be totally easy to set up a workshop, not freeze their asses off, and stay hidden when there wasn't a goddamn roof on the building he'd picked out for them.

"Hey, you wanna find somewhere else, that's fine by me. But you might wanna check out the basement first."