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I need to work out what order to watch these in, because clearly release order is the order that the box set WANTS me to watch them in, but fuck that noise. I'm thinking maybe chronological order? But I don't necessarily know how that's going to work, especially as I haven't seen any Wolverine film after Origins (You did WHAT to the Merc With A Mouth?!), so guys, speculate with me.

I'm currently thinking

  1. X-Men: First Class (Because I'm pretty sure that's canon in all timelines)

  2. Wolverine: Origins (I remember the team at the start being the best ten minutes of the film? ASK ME HOW HARD I AM GOING TO ROLL MY EYES AT THE DOUBLE-DIP FRIDGING)

  3. X-Men (The one with the jellyfish and Rogue that I remember NOTHING ABOUT beyond JELLYFISH)

  4. X-Men 2 (I remember slightly more about this one, but my consistent thing has always been "The mansion raid had cool bits! Can I have more like that!" and I don't remember why I thought this.)

  5. X-Men 3 (UGH DO WE HAVE TO)

  6. X-Men: Days of Future Past (Because you see, he definitely remembers 3 and 3 is the lead-in to the darkest timeline SOMEHOW, so I guess we have to have that first, and also I guess I should find out if this is the Rogue Cut or not?)

  7. X-Men Apocalypse (AGAIN, EYE-ROLLING AT DOUBLE-DIP FRIDGING but this has the redeeming value of Hobo Erik and 90s Charles, with bonus Younger Team!)

But I legit don't know where any of the Wolverine movies fit in, or if this is the correct timeline order, or even if we need X-Men 3 at all. Thoughts? Opinions?
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