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It is the time of year where my book-social-group are like "READING GOALS FOR THE YEAR: DO YOU HAVE THEM?!" and apparently I do? Maybe?

4 / 150 (2.67%)

I plan to read 150 books. I THINK I managed it this year, but considering that I a) didn't track all of my books properly, and b) haven't done a tally since I hit 130 in like October, I'm genuinely not sure. I don't want to check in case I'm wrong! Much manga, such long-running series, wow. But yes! 150 books seems like a reasonable number to me. I have 167 books reserved at the library and a huge chunk of them at home that I've not got to yet, so as long as like a third of them show up at work, I should be fine?

4 / 100 (4.00%)

[personal profile] renay is doing a a reading goal/challenge where she tries to read 100 new-to-her female authors, and because I WOULD probably jump off a bridge if my friends did it too (see also: OPERATION WORDS OR DEATH) (Do not see OPERATION WORDS OR DEATH you will judge me and I'll deserve it), I'm getting in on this! In my brain I read a lot of female authors, but that's because I read a lot of long-running manga series. My prose reading kinda took a nosedive once I didn't have a three-hour round trip to work every day, but I'm hoping that this will help me get back into the groove of it.

AS PART OF THIS: my grand master plan involves reading as much queer lit as I can. I'm really fortunate in that the library I work for not only has a pretty decent LGBT selection, but I found the tag for it in the library catalogue! ... Hence the 167 reservations. Between that and my personal collection, I have a pretty decent amount of lesbian crime novels/romance/SFF, and my generic goal is to read as much of it as humanly possible. (Sub goal: talk about it! No point in knowing what's out there if you don't share the knowledge right?)

"IT'LL BE NICE IF I HAVE TIME" GOAL: Either finish or formally give up on all of those series that I keep saying that I'm TOTALLY gonna catch up on, I swear, any time now! Like, A Song of Ice and Fire, Ancillary Justice, any number of manga series... I need to finish them or declare spoiler amnesty.

I'm currently planning to talk about some of what I read over at [community profile] ladybusiness once I work out a schedule/good name for it, but I can link back over here if anyone wants to know what I'm up to? I'm still not sure I want to use Good Reads any more, especially when it's easier for me to track this stuff on paper. What're y'all doing for tracking books? Anyone else doing ridiculous reading goals?

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Date: 2016-01-07 11:56 am (UTC)
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Here from Ladybusiness :)

Your goals look awesome! I have to write up my reading goals for this year too and I'm loving reading about other people doing the same!