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[sticky entry] Sticky: Prompts?

Sep. 22nd, 2015 12:31 am
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Hey guys - this post is going to be a sticky, so feel free to come back to it whenever you fancy! I'm doing my best to make it easy to find.

I WOULD LIKE YOU GUYS TO LEAVE ME PROMPTS, IF THAT'S OKAY. Any fandom you think I'm into or would like, any/no pairings, as many comments/prompts as you'd like. I just... Want to make a repository of things for me to write in the future that's a bit less intimidating than going through the [community profile] ff_exchange backlist. Like, I won't promise that I'll get to everything, but I really like the idea of having a fixed place to look for inspiration?

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(Q: Susan, aren't you like seven chapters and 60 levels into the game?

SUDDENLY why Noctis is so protective of the fucking junkpile of a car makes sense! There are points in the game where I'm just like WE HAVE SIXTY THOUSAND GIL, WE CAN JUST BUY A NEW CAR but now it makes more sense.

I am enjoying FFXV but god I wish some of the characterisation from the side-stories made it into canon.
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As of 15:15 yesterday, Lex and I have been married for three years! This is exciting and a little bit terrifying, not gonna lie, but I am super excited and proud of us. <3 (I love him so much, help)

We took the week off work, which we spent... Vegging and playing video games? And we spent the weekend in Newark of all places! We had A LOT of good Indian food - the first hotel we stayed at, because they doubled booked our second night and we had to switch hotels, was a restaurant with rooms to let, which was nice and convenient? And we went to the Air Museum in Newark, which has A LOT of old planes and helicopters - SO MANY, it's really cool! And apparently a lot of them were training planes, so they have lots of clear instructions written on the side (no, seriously, lots of labels. Although apparently my photo of the plane with "cut here" written on it and dotted lines didn't save properly, I am sad. And there was a Vulcan bomber that you could go up inside to look at and see the instruments and where the team would have sat! It was terrifying to get into and out of up and down a tiny ladder (I am SUPER TERRIFIED of heights), but I got a sticker for doing it anyway and only crying a little on the way back down! So many hugs required afterwards. And we went to the Civil War museum, which was really cool! They had an exhibit on Lawrence of Arabia, which (who?) I know sweet fuck-all about beyond the clips from the film in Prometheus.

... There was a lot of nesting this weekend because we cuddled with books and Civ 5 and Robot Wars, which is about the best evening I can imagine, to be honest. <3

(EXCEPT that we were in the countryside, which is where the internet goes to die.

Me: I find country roads inherently suspicious.
Lex: *eyebrows*
Me: Okay, yes, the obvious counterpoint is that I find the countryside itself inherently suspicious, BUT STILL.

... Guess which of us grew up in the countryside and which of us is a massive townie.)

What else did we do? Oh, went to see Kong: Skull Island, which I sure have SOME THOUGHTS about, but they're all jumbled up. I appreciate that doesn't matter when I'm just doing bullet points anyway, but come on brain. I THINK I liked it? But if you looked at the trailer and went "Wait, do they seriously have the indigenous population of the island as silent background figures who never get lines and all of their exposition is delivered by a crazy white dude?" YEAH THAT IS SURE A THING THAT THEY DID, which is a fucking shame because I like most of the cast? And I was super excited that there was no kissing? I DUNNO.

I think Lex had a good weekend. He said he had a good weekend, and he usually says if he's not having fun? But I'm glad I got to spend time with him and that we're married and that he's not working minimum two hours away from home anymore, so... That's what I got. That's it. How is everyone?
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I had a craving to write ridiculous stupid melodrama, why am I this person.

Pandora Hearts //
G | 323 words | Gilbert | Spoilers for volume one | He can't remember what Oz looks like.

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Spoilers through chapter six, written on my phone to please excuse
everything. Apparently all I want to write for the fandom is "Prompto has a
No Good Very Bad Day" based off random background nonsense in my
playthrough, like being able to skip a chunk of path by warp striking imps
from the floor above.

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TRUE STORY this happened in my game while I was in the thicket looking for giant toads. Will probably noodle it around into a proper fic later.

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  • There is something about January/February that just knocks me and my productivity for six. I have had a cold and the worst PMT I remember having in a while, which took me down for two weeks, but I remember being a disgrace this time last year as well. Come on Susan, pull yourself together, you can do this.

  • I need to write up my notes from the talk me, [twitter.com profile] hardlyaverage and [twitter.com profile] envexenveritas went to on Pink Triangle prisoners in the Third Reich, which was... It was... Like, I thought I was okay? I took a lot of notes? And then after the talk finished I actually looked at the words that I'd written and just started shaking. That evening was a lot of "queer penguins huddling together for safety against an uncaring universe" ngl.

  • I have started playing FFXV (thank you [twitter.com profile] stubacca01 for lending me your copy!), got about three chapters in, and it's... Sure a thing? )

  • I am reading so many books and it's nice! And then I go "Oh god, I am behind on everything!" because my writing time and my reading time are the same pool of time! ... This is probably why I am failing at things.

  • I have swapped my week per page diary out for a day per page, and I don't know if it's the novelty or actually having defined times to write things down and wanting to record exact progress with my books, but I have been using my diary a lot more! [twitter.com profile] madebyjenni got me functional-yet-adorable stickers. (I am burning through these book stickers at a rate of knots, and these dice ones are marking my games.) I got so excited that I went and bought myself more because I actually have SPACE to put them in this diary! THIS IS PROBABLY A MISTAKE. BUT IT IS A REALLY CUTE MISTAKE THAT WILL PROBABLY LEAD TO MANY STICKERS ALL OVER MY DIARY.

  • I think I goofed up at work because I didn't finish a task I was given and forgot to write the explanatory note ("I have no idea where these go and didn't want to guess because we'd never see them again.")

  • ... I'm sorry I'm complaining so much, everyone, my brain is doing the "You are a failure!" dance, and I KNOW better than to pay attention to it. I know that once I get back to finishing things I am going to feel so much better, it's just the finishing things when I feel low bit that's difficult.

    It'll be fine, I'm just at the "But what if I sit quietly in a corner under a blanket and stare at the wall" part of winter. Regular service will resume when I start being able to tick boxes again.
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I had hope that maybe, just maybe, our MPs wouldn't be a fucking pack of cowardly shitstains, and MORE FOOL ME.

I don't know what to do. I don't know how to fight this. I don't know if there's anywhere to run to.

... I think we lost, guys. I think we lost.
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This week has very much been "Oh god I am a slug" and (to the tune of "I'm a little hunk of tin") "I'm a useless waste of skin!" so HAVE SOME MUSIC while I try to get myself sorted.

RELATED SUBJECT: this Yuri On Ice fanvid is SUPER SPOILERS and also a really good summary of Victor and Yuri's relationship and I am made of tears.
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Okay, I have hit the point where for ease of linking I am just going to MAKE A MASTER POST and HAVE ALL OF MY REACTION SHOT LINKS IN ONE PLACE. If I was smart, I would have done this around episode three, but what can you do.

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  • Today I learned that it is possible for Betty to betray me! Apparently she has the ability to shut off my wifi as a power-saving tactic, which I didn't know but am retroactively horrified by, especially as wrangling that has been what I was doing for the last... Half hour? Forty-five minutes? I wanted to sleep, Betty, why don't you love me!

  • I got my first sets of earrings and they are hella fucking cute!

  • I have been working? I have my posts for this week mostly done (I need to wrangle the images for the one on Thursday but apart from that it's done), I have the skeletons of my other posts this month, I have learned an important lesson about signing up to bit a pinch hitter for a fandom exchange without checking what the minimum word count for pinch hits is, and... I'm doing okay. I'm trying to work through everything one at a time in chronological order of due date, which is fucking me up a bit, because that's not how I work, but... I'm getting there. Slowly. I am trying to keep looking at what I've achieved (LOOK AT WHERE YOU ARE! LOOK AT WHERE YOU STARTED!) but every time I do, I go "Yes, but all of the rest of this" and need to lie down again. orz

  • Have downloaded Zombies Run, where apparently your reward for walking around (what I am using it for) or running fucking 10ks like an absolute madwoman (what [twitter.com profile] fkth uses it for because she is amazing) is that you get to unlock chunks of story AND build a town. If people had told me this, I would have got on this ride way sooner. What I am learning is that while I LIKE Pok√©mon Go and games that involve a degree of mindless repetitive gameplay... I need it to be interrupted by tiny chunks of story, just to keep me motivated.

  • Related: UK people! The people who do Zombies Run want a writing trainee, it might be worth looking into.

  • I need to crochet Jill some jellyfish.

  • It's eleven days into the start of the year and my brain is going "YOU HAVE ONLY READ FIVE BOOKS!" Brain, we have a whole year. Find your chill.

  • I have shiny new doc martens! There was a sale, and our David gave me twenty quid with explicit instructions to buy shoes not frivolous things, so... I bought myself some nice, sturdy nylon docs in the half-price sale? I was tempted to get some of the LUDICROUSLY CHEAP and colourful ones, but let's settle for ones that I can wear to work first, yeah?

  • My second-oldest sister can't have biological children, so she is starting the adoption process! I am really proud of and happy for her, although wrapping my head around there being niblings in this family that were definitely chosen and 100000% wanted is really weird for me, mainly because I'm not 100% sure ANY of the kids in this family were wanted, self included. ... I nearly tagged this post as "You can't pick your family" and literally the mention of my family is about someone picking their family, fuck's sake.

  • I got nothing. I just want to write my words and have a sleep and not go to work in the morning but HAHA jokes on me for that one.
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I Have Finished My First Story Of The Year And It's This Shit, What Is My Life: A routine choreographed by me.

Yuri!!! On Ice // Fidgeting
G | 636 words | Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov | Set post episode twelve, some spoilers | Yurio's hair is annoying him. That's it, that's the show.

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OKAY, I celebrated the New Year by going to the pictures with a bunch of my mates! We were going to see Assassin's Creed, and while we were there [twitter.com profile] stubacca01 suggested going to see Silence, which I hadn't really been planning on seeing? But eh, I have a cinema card, so...


I don't think I enjoyed Silence, but I'm like 99% certain that you're not supposed to enjoy Silence. It is very grim, and very bleak, and I don't think that a movie about people being tortured and killed for their faith is a film I want to see, especially when there are several points where the film explicitly says that this pain and suffering the secondary characters go through is specifically to hurt the white male leads., and...

I dunno, it's really strange. It's based on a novel by a Japanese author, I think? So I might want to look at that and see how much of the commentary on Japanese culture is from that and how much from the film-makers. And I've seen someone describe this film as attempting to examine religious colonialism, but I'm not sure how much it really dug into that.


(I want to make the joke about Kylo Ren and Spiderman teaming up to track down Ra's Al-Ghul, but...)

But Assassin's Creed, though, I SURE HAVE THINGS TO SAY about that! The tl;dr is that it is so bad! Gorgeous action sequences, but the script is legitimately awful. Although the visual effects are good, and I feel like [personal profile] rionaleonhart is Sure Going To Have Opinions on how they handle the Bleed or whatever it was called. Spoilers behind the cut!

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So, my 2017 in media is starting off SUPER GREAT. :D At the very least, we've had a lot to talk about!
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But then I go "Susan, if you TELL people that you're planning to consume thirty individual pieces of media AND write like thirty thousand words scattered across a whole bunch of projects, they're going to come after you with squirt bottles."

"... No don't tell them you also want to fix your sleep cycle while you do it, that's not going to help."

The lesson to learn from this is to possibly scale my goals down a little to the point where I am confident in telling people about them? But I am also very much of the "reach should exceed my grasp" school of goal setting, so I... Don't know. GOALS: I HAVE THEM. THEY NEED SOME WORK.
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I am TOTALLY going to write for [livejournal.com profile] bb_shousetsu, I am, even if the posts never make it off this journal, I am DETERMINED. I just need people to help me pick the story I want to tell.

The theme for the next issue is "Long live the king", and I currently have two ideas that I'd be happy to write.

  1. Young king is trying to solve a mystery in his castle... That keeps killing him. The court wizard is getting REALLY FUCKING SICK of bringing him back. At some point they bone. ("Long Live The Queen" but with dudes fucking and the royal one has no magic.)
    Pro: I could have SO MUCH FUN with a deadpan snarker wizard and his beautiful sunbeam of a king and this is a relationship dynamic that I REALLY ENJOY.
    Con: I am not 100% sure I have a justification for a guy dying repeatedly yet. Could rapidly spiral out of control and turn into a whole THING that would take a zillion words and never get finished because I am me.

  2. Old king is abdicating in favour of one of his female relatives, because quite frankly he'd rather be around to see the country she built than wonder about what it would be like. He runs away with lover to have old man adventures. At some point they bone.
    Pro: Would definitely be easier to keep this story corralled to a fixed timeframe instead of letting it spiral! Established relationships might be easier to write, will almost definitely make the porn easier. Will probably need less set up/world-building.
    Con: ... I'm not saying that this would be the "THIRTY YEARS LATER" version of the other idea I had, but it totally fucking would be. Hard to go the emotional impact of the end of a reign if you've not seen any of the lead-up. What if it needs MORE worldbuilding?

  3. ... I am also not against throwing both of these settings out of the window, keeping the Ball Of Sunshine King and his Grumpy Owl Wizard and having them going wandering around asking people if they've seen his castle. He had one, y'see, and then one day it got up and walked away, and it's a bit awkward when your castle's taken off without you. At some point they bone.
    Pro: I wasn't kidding about how much I like that combo of traits. Honestly might be easier to keep the story contained because it's got a very definite goal ("King has no castle -> King has a castle"). Grumpy Wizard could probably be 1000% grumpier and it would be 100% legit. Adventurer Kings are the BEST kings.
    Con: ... I literally just came up with that idea at 3:12 in the morning, that is probably a terrible idea, you can tell because it delights me.

So... Thoughts? Opinions? No Susan don't write any of those, all of those ideas are stupid?

(I have this thing where I come up with an idea before I go to work, roll it around for a while as I shelve books, and then I realise that my shiny new idea was still a bit sticky and now it's covered in lint and I'm not sure I can be trusted with it anymore. This is why I'm outsourcing my good decision making skills.)
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John Oliver pressing a lever and blowing up a sign of 2016

This year has SURE BEEN A YEAR, guys, but look! Look at us! WE FUCKING MADE IT. (Disclaimer for if the world ends between me hitting post and this hitting your timelines: TOO FUCKING BAD, HALF OF THE WORLD IS AHEAD OF ME AND AT LEAST FIVE PEOPLE I LIKE HAVE MADE IT OUT OF THIS NIGHTMARE HELLSCAPE OF A YEAR! \o/ \o/ \o/ )

But in the spirit of walking out of 2016 with two middle raised and a smile on my face, here is a small selection of good things that I remember happening this year!

  2. I wrote so much, guys. I wrote so. Much. I don't care about the quality, I did it and that's the most important thing! I wrote for [community profile] ladybusiness! I wrote for The Lesbrary! I wrote for me, and I have written for me every fucking day this year whether I wanted to or not! That matters.

  3. My baby sister has gone back to uni to get a masters, and Lex has got a promotion, and I may still be at my library but I have been trying out for jobs and finding out where I might fit!

  4. I finally got round to do things that I've been threatening to do for literal years. Like signing up for that sign-language course, and getting my ears pierced, and using my words when things are bothering me!

  5. I have consumed so much good media this year, guys, SO MUCH. I am so stoked about the stuff I've read and played and watched, and I got to hang out with my friends for most of it, either in person (for the video games and boardgames) or online (for the books and TV and audio stuff!). THANK YOU FOR SPENDING YOUR TIME WITH ME EVERYONE, I LOVE YOU AND I APPRECIATE YOU DOING THAT.

  6. But hey, we made it! We survived, and we're here, and I am proud of all of us. We did good. We're going to do better, and I want you all to know that I love you and I am proud of you. Happy new year, everyone!

    Play us out, John.


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