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[sticky entry] Sticky: Prompts?

Sep. 22nd, 2015 12:31 am
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Hey guys - this post is going to be a sticky, so feel free to come back to it whenever you fancy! I'm doing my best to make it easy to find.

I WOULD LIKE YOU GUYS TO LEAVE ME PROMPTS, IF THAT'S OKAY. Any fandom you think I'm into or would like, any/no pairings, as many comments/prompts as you'd like. I just... Want to make a repository of things for me to write in the future that's a bit less intimidating than going through the [community profile] ff_exchange backlist. Like, I won't promise that I'll get to everything, but I really like the idea of having a fixed place to look for inspiration?

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Last night I did a quick and dirty count of the movies I've seen in the cinema this year for the SparkleRocket crew because we were talking about how much we go to the cinema – just the ones I still have the tickets for, which means it's gonna be off by a couple because I've lost a few.

Five tickets for the indie cinema the next city over. Thirty-nine for the one I have a cinema card for.


In related news, I have a Letterboxd account, if anyone wants to add me! It's like GoodReads but for movies. I need to update it to accurately reflect this count, and so people can truly appreciate the shame that was "me and X-Men Apocalypse" and "me and Magnificent Seven".
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Okay, today I wrote:

  • A 1170 words rough draft about The Black Tapes

  • A 425 word review spine for Costume Quest

  • 172 word into to my Magnificent Seven reaction shot, that I have the notes for and need to assemble

  • 162 words of my review of First Impression for The Lesbrary (Did I mention I'm writing for them? I'm writing for them), which I won't be able to go too far into because [twitter.com profile] captainraz has my copy of the book.

  • A few more points on next week's Eight Book Minimum post which has EATEN MY FUCKING LIFE OH MY GOD.

... And I've got 1130 words of a review of Hawkeye waiting for me to revisit and polish up and add the fflsadigs images to.

MY BRAIN IS TIRED, GUYS. Like, looking at that list, you can probably tell when my concentration skills frayed? And it's not that much compared to what everyone else does in a day? But that was a decent amount of work for me! And I've had a break, so I might try again, see if I can get a little bit more done before I sleep – at the very least, I can try to bodge a bit more of my Eight Book Minimum post so that when I come back to it tomorrow it's not like "Oh god, THIS THING STILL."

I maybe need to work out a system in my writing diary for marking off progress on things that I haven't finished. I don't really have space to jot down word counts next to things, so I might have to improvise, because I don't want to put a cross in the box for things that I've not completed. We'll see.
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Guys! Guys guys guys! IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY ON SUNDAY! I didn't go home for a change, because a) I'd been the week before, and b) I wasn't sure I could deal with that much drama on my birthday. Instead, [twitter.com profile] jilliferium came to visit me! And I asked [twitter.com profile] madebyjenni if we could come over and use her kitchen to make cake and maybe play Mario Kart with her? And then the next thing I knew it was a PARTY and there was SO MUCH FOOD and the most beautiful cake, omg. And lots of my friends came and we played Mario Kart and Smash Bros and Pandemic: Cthulhu (which Jenni and her boyfriend got for me and Lex as a joint present), because WE ARE MASSIVE NERDS and I got to swirl around in my floaty dress, it was great! I don't know how I feel about not going home for my birthday, but I think I feel a little bad that I didn't go? But I saw Jill and I didn't end up stressed and annoyed because My Family, so I guess I win!

Aaaaand, guess what! Guess what! Between Lex and my mum, I got ninety-five pounds in Bravissimo vouchers! I got three bras that fit for three pounds with those! \o/ And Lex got me books on Regency England and the Old West and the Roaring Twenties, because he's WONDERFUL. *bounce bounce bounce* And [personal profile] renay wrote me 29,000 words of Baralai and Gippal and POLITICS, it is AMAZING!

And on Monday, I went to see Sweeney Todd with Sam ([twitter.com profile] splend), Tonks ([twitter.com profile] captainraz), Jay ([twitter.com profile] hardlyaverage), and Matt (who has a twitter but apparently doesn't use it, so he doesn't give it out. *shakes fist at friends using inconvenient social media*) at Derby Theatre, and it was really good! The set was a rotating set of rooms with a staircase and a tall wall on one side to be the outside streets, the bakehouse on the back, and the other two sides open so that you could see Mrs Lovett's shop and Sweeney Todd's barbershop. I liked it! And the cast can really sing, especially Sweeney Todd! Like, there were a few songs I didn't recognise in it, which is apparently because those songs were fucking awful. The rape scene was a lot more graphic than in any other version I've seen, there was a song about Judge Turpin's erection (with bonus literal self-flagellation), and Pirelli threw Toby down and tried to rip his teeth out! D: D: D: D: But apart from that, it was really good? The actress even made Johanna an interesting character, which takes some doing!

Tuesday I was back at work (boo!), and I started on a British Sign Language course I wanted to do (yay!)! It was REALLY STRESSFUL because it was pretty much an immersion course? The teacher apparently will only speak in the last ten minutes of each lesson, and for everything else we're getting signs and writing on the board. It's... Stressful? And really awkward because there's no way to take notes so I have have to remember? And it sets off my performing in public anxieties? But I feel like I'm learning a lot! I can do a bit of fingerspelling anyway, but reading fingerspelling is a whole different skill set. O_o And the signs we've learned so far have been really simple but fairly straightforward! I'm... Hoping it'll be okay, because the assessment sounds really hard. Apparently in BSL, the subject of the sentence ALWAYS goes at the start! And you always need to use your dominant hand to form signs, essentially onto your other hand, which is kinda neat.

(There was a guy in class who was making terrible jokes in sign language like half an hour in! That is SKILL. His name was Richard, and he lives in one of the classy/expensive areas of town. The teacher signed something to the effect of "So he's rich!" and Richard's response (signed) was "No, I'm poor, my name is Rich." orz)

Wednesday, I bought a new backpack! I like this backpack, it is grey and waterproof as fuck and I love it. It was a bit more expensive than I wanted? But my old backpack is eight years old and the top is NOTHING BUT HOLES. Also absolutely no one discovered that their laptop warranty would be voided if they had a different operating system on it to the one it was sold with! No one had to do a factory reset on their laptop to see if that would fix the DVD drive that WIndows 10 broke! NO ONE AT ALL. (Do not talk to me about the game I'm in on Wednesdays; one of the party members accidentally killed some people we want on our side and is refusing to accept the blame, also we're in Yorkshire.)

Thursday, I went to Sam and Tonks' after work! We had a movie night! Sam wanted to see Hardcore Henry because apparently he has been inspired to do a horror movie and wanted to look at how Hardcore Henry handled some stylistic things, and he appeared to enjoy it! I AM GLAD, it seemed like the sort of nonsense he might like. And I wanted to show them both The Losers because I didn't need those feelings anyway, but work didn't have that in so I brought Push instead! Y'know, the other other other other super-power movie that Chris Evans was in. I LOVE THAT FILM SO MUCH AND JUST WANT HIM AND CASSIE TO HAVE SIBLINGS ADVENTURES THAT PROBABLY END IN THREE BUILDINGS GETTING DESTROYED BUT EVERYONE IS FINE AND HOOK IS DISCRETELY DRUNK IN THE BACKGROUND.

And today... I think I'm going to Sam and Tonks' again for a movie night? I swear I've seen more of them this week than I have my own household, but that happens sometimes when you're a filthy stop-out. :D And I get to see [twitter.com profile] envexenveritas who fucked off down south but is now returned to us! Yay! I keep just missing them to catch up. Tomorrow, a couple of my ex-housemates, who also fucked off down south but haven't returned to us generally, are up to visit, and I have to do the awkward decision of "Do I dislike this one dude enough that I don't want to come hang out, see half my social circle, and give his (lovely!) wife more terrible gay porn manga?" Because I don't know how I feel about this. I might take my laptop and just periodically go "AAAAAAAAND now I need a time out, if anyone tries to disturb me before I take my headphones off myself there might be blood." Or if we're hanging out at [twitter.com profile] madebyjenni I might go and lurk in her kitchen and be like JENNI, SHALL WE BAKE AND NOT DEAL WITH PEOPLE'S SHIT. Or possibly JENNI SHALL WE FIND A TWO PLAYER GAME FOR A GAME CONSOLE AND CRUSH IT BENEATH OUR HEELS while Chris sits in a corner and laughs at us. I'll report back.

(I survived story time at work! I am so tired and drained and ready to hide under the furniture though.)

... This genuinely wasn't supposed to be a "HERE IS WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING ALL WEEK" post, but uh... I guess that's what I wrote. Sorry guys.
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(Which is often a mistake), but I ended up on a game where the first line of the description was

My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress As Him And Now I Have To Deal With A Geeky Stalker And A Domme Beauty Who Want Me In A Bind!! or, Ladykiller in a Bind

... I'm not sure I want to play this game, but PROPS FOR THAT DESCRIPTION.
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GUYS I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN SINCE I ACTUALLY UPDATED YOU ON MY LIFE. HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN? (I have been tweeting like an absolute BASTARD, constantly, oh god, so many tweets, so since I have most of y'all on twitter I forget that I should maybe long-form my feelings for the record.



  • Did I ever post about the Hugos or did I just tweet furiously and yell on [community profile] ladybusiness? We didn't win! But part of Nay's explaining that we'd been nominated was "Well File 770's obviously going to win so we can just enjoy being Hugo nominees!" so I'm going "Yep, they deserved it and I'm glad the people we wanted/expected to win actually did!"

  • MY FAMILY IS STILL A GODDAMN BIN FIRE. Last trip home involved phoning the police to be like "Hi, my niece has admitted she is lying about the details of the fraud case to get a guy into more trouble" so, y'know, that SURE WAS A THING. Also I had to explain to the same niece that if she called anyone a faggot in my presence again I was leaving (She wanted me to help her UCAS application so that actually worked! Although she did go "They don't check if you lie on your UCAS application right?" and I'm there like "You're applying for LAW, the second most popular course in the country, are you HIGH?!"), and to my mum that she couldn't refer to her (apparently very nice! That she likes!) supervisor as "coloured." I went back to Notts early, drank gin, and am not going back for my birthday.

  • I survived September! I had like... Three weeks where I was working every day but Sunday? And some of those were open-close shifts? And some of them were at different libraries to my usual? EVERYTHING IS FINE AND I AM NOT A ZOMBIE. MUCH.

  • It was Lex's birthday yesterday so we went to Lincoln for some time off and to see the city! Here is the thread of photos; the tours we went on of the cathedral and the castle were fun, and I gotta say guys, guys when a city labels a street "Steep Hill" TRUST THAT NAME.
    • Family folklore has it that one of Lex's ancestors was a bishop at Lincoln Cathedral, which is pretty cool? I took a photo of his marker, just in case.

    • I forgot how much I LOVE HISTORY and people TELLING ME ABOUT HISTORY. I am still taking recommendations for history podcasts if y'all have any that you like!

    • I WANT TO BE IN THE CATHEDRAL DURING A SERVICE WHERE EVERYONE SINGS. I bet the acoustics are amazing and according to the tour guide it could hold 1,500 people sitting down (it would have held more in the olden days because they didn't put seats in), so you could really get the walls shaking if you worked at it.

    • A lot of the castle defences were "They never tested this but it would work" and also "VICTORIANS, AMIRITE" (yes, Victorians were The Worst and like to rebuild things how they thought they should look) with a side order of "POLICE CORRUPTION" according to the tour guide, I am so intrigued. Apparently the castle USED to be a prison in the Victorian era, and now it's where the crown courts are!

    • "If you liked us, please rate [Lincoln Castle] on Tripadvisor! If you didn't, it was lovely to see you and thank you for visiting Warwick Castle."

  • (I got Lex cool things like token dice for Magic: The Gathering and a Lex Luthor mug, but I also didn't argue him when he tried to complement me and it was REALLY WEIRD. :\ I also didn't object to puns and this was A Mistake.)

  • On a similar note, he has been watching Star Wars: Rebels and I've been catching bits and pieces. I was yelling on twitter about how Ponytail Jedi had better get out of this show alive and completely unharmed, and then [personal profile] kaytaylorrea said "I would def read your all-caps recaps of star wars shows in which you only know half the characters names & are just really angry" and I am considering it. I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT EZRA, YOU GUYS, I DON'T KNOW HOW HE SURVIVED TWO SERIES. Also I'm not sure if Ponytail Jedi a) had a thing with Rex during the war and/or b) is currently having a thing with Hera, but I am here for it. Can we have more of the competent adults being competent, please?

  • I am still going my posting-every-day thing! Just with variable levels of filtering because I've been doing it on my phone due to a) time and b) my computer is currently being a pain in my arse (I am buying a new external harddrive and rolling it down to Windows 7, guys, just you wait) and I don't want to inflict the poorly coded nonsense on more people than I need to. It's been a year! Time to reflect and change up my goals, I think, I'll report back. *cracks knuckles*

  • Windows 10 stopped my disk drive working. Things I have tried to fix this:
    1. Updating drivers
    2. Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers
    3. Updating Windows 10 to the newest version (DON'T DO IT GUYS IT REMOVES THE OPTION TO TURN OFF CORTANA, NEVER DO THAT.)
    4. Uninstalling all of the programs that Toshiba reckons will clash with Windows 10
    5. Attempting to update what's left of the Toshiba default programs, realising that they all can't upgrade to Windows 10, uninstalling literally all of them.
    6. Uninstalling and reinstalling VLC.

    I AM OUT OF IDEAS, GUYS, AND IF ONE MORE PERSON TELLS ME TO UPDATE THE DRIVERS LIKE THAT WASN'T THE FIRST THING I FUCKING TRIED I'M GOING TO SLAP SOMEONE. But yes, I have rolled back to before the Anniversary update to Windows 10, and I'm gonna try to get back down to Windows 7 which is THEORETICALLY doable. Wish me luck? If this doesn't work, it's a hardware problem and that is ironically MORE fixable because some poor soul has to do that for me for free because it's in warranty.

  • One of my friends who only has FB as social media is apparently creeping on my social media politely because I told him I felt weird about talking about books he recommended on a platform he couldn't see. HI CHRIS, HOW YOU DOING.

  • Despite the title of this post, I haven't watched WWE in FOREVER. [twitter.com profile] sithe's not got it working on his PS4 yet and accidentally smashed his tablet when he dropped it, so I've just straight up missed a load. My love for Nia Jax and Asuka is true and pure though. .____.

  • (SPEAKING OF TRUE AND PURE LOVE, whatever your opinions on Westerns and reboots and The Magnificent Seven Reboot in particular, Byung-Hun Lee with a beard is unreasonably attractive.)

  • I am drowning in books to read, I have enough lesbian fiction to read that I could build a fort and I will never be done and this is the BEST PROBLEM TO HAVE.

  • I found out that my mum knows where the red light district in Manchester is because it's on the way to the train station, but it's still a bit like "Mum, you're sixty-three, are you sure you're allowed to know those exist?"

  • It's my birthday on Sunday! I don't know how to feel or what to do with myself if I'm not at home for it, this is weird. I think I need to see if I can convince someone else to make me a cake though, because baking your own birthday cake is really sad and it makes me cry.

  • I HAVE SO MUCH WRITING TO DO because it is A DAY ENDING IN Y and what are my life choices. Guess I'd better get on with it then!
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"Cap won't let me build him a suit of armour," Tony said.

"Okay, first off, why do you want to build a suit of armour for a man who can literally walk off getting shot, and second of all, what the hell are you doing in my room at —" Rhodey picked his phone up off the nightstand and squinted at the screen until the numbers swam back into focus. "Oh come on, Tony, it's five a.m.!"

"Really? I thought you military types were supposed to waking up now anyway." Tony was sitting on the end of Rhodey's bed in a tank top and pyjama pants, black grease smudges up and down his arms. If it wasn't for the repulsor glove, it could have been a night in their old dorm room, although Tony's smile had an edge to it that Rhodey didn't like the look of.

OKAY but what if every time my brain started to anxiety-spiral I wrote another hundred words of Tony Stark trying really hard to deal with feelings like a functional human being for [personal profile] renay. WHAT IF.
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Bayonetta // Climbing Up The Walls
G | 100 words | Luka | It takes him a while to notice the footprints.

Read more... )
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So, I have been watching Robot Wars the last few weeks, and it is PRETTY GREAT. I have mostly been livetweeting it, which means my thoughts on any given episode are functionally lost to the aether? But have some disorganised general thoughts on all six episodes I guess?

(It was only six episodes, guys, this is WELL unfair!)

Fair warning: I am HELLA NOSTALGIC about Robot Wars, and I am absolutely the sort of person who sits there chanting "THREE! TWO! ONE! ACTIVATE!" with the crowd! I kinda miss Craig Charles? But the new presenters are fine! And I was so glad to see the housebots back again. :D MATILDA! MY QUEEN! MATILDA IS THE PRETTIEST AND MOST TOUGH ROBOT, I LOVE HER. She has been my favourite the housebot since I first saw Robot Wars as a kid, and I am SO GLAD SHE'S BACK. I genuinely don't care that Sgt. Bash is gone, but I know some of my friends are a little disappointed? But who cares, because MATILDA.

Cut for spoilers, I guess? If anyone cares about spoilers for a tv show that has finished its current run? )
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So [personal profile] seventhe has made a Final Fantasy Fanworks group on Imzy (If anyone wants invites, HIT ME UP because I have them! I am there under the usual name) and there are PROMPTS. Do I remember how to write FFX-2? DO I BOLLOCKS. But I had fun! Maybe!

Final Fantasy X-2 // The Morning Sun In Your Eyes
G | 400 words (4 x 100 words) | Baralai, Nooj, Gippal, Paine | Minor spoilers through chapter three | Morning brings its own trials.

Read more... )
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I'm not saying that I stayed up till 2am listening to a woman with insomnia talk about not being able to sleep, but hi.

The Black Tapes //
G | 100 words | Alex Reagan, Richard Strand | Spoilers for episode... 204 I think? | She doesn't ask when was the last time you slept.

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OKAY LET'S DO THIS. Dearly beloved, we are here so that I can actually get through all of Daredevil, it might not take. It didn't take last time I tried it? I think I remember episode... Eight? Fisk is a thing, he is hardcore creeping on an artist? And Karen is great except that she was SUPER RUDE to Foggy who appeared to be a delight. But this time, I have a strong backing of fluffy shipper fic to support me instead of Lex and my housemate, Mike, who are FINE to watch TV with but also don't do the shipping thing so it's a waste of time watching with them. Let's rock.

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Hugo Watch

Aug. 20th, 2016 11:54 pm
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OKAY, there are like two hours until the start of the Hugo Award ceremony and I am so nervous. I'm not sure if we're gonna win or lose, but either way I'm kinda excited and kinda terrified and all I can do until the actual ceremony starts is my homework (noodling at writing, reading Cold Magic).

I THINK I'M EXCITED. I THINK THIS WILL BE FINE EITHER WAY because omg people voted for us which means people like us! And I am so grateful! *rolls* I wish Lex was here, I'm at my mum's and I wish I could wait for this while cuddling my husband but I GUESS books and shouting will have to do.
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"What, you nervous?" Rick asked. Drake had jumped out of a helicopter trying to get away from the team that brought him in, hard to imagine him knowing what fear was.

"I don't always... Get along with soldiers," Drake said, his grin looking more like a grimace when Rick glanced over at him. "They get upset over the whole 'graverobbing' thing, and it's hard to make friends when people are shooting at you."

"Do your job and they won't be shooting at you." Rick reminded him, checking his watch. "And I'd take my chances with them over Waller any day."

So [personal profile] scarimonious and I had TERRIBLE IDEAS on twitter today.
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SO guess who watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens again this weekend? YEAH, IT ME. \o/

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I love this film, I'm so glad it exists.
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Pet Shop of Horrors // Distance
G | 100 words | Leon Orcot | Set post-series, spoilers | There's only so far D could run.

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I'm still not sure how I feel about the last third (Grace, no, why), but up until that point I was really enjoying it!

Read more... )
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  1. The summer reading challenge has started at work! I ended up setting up a treasure hunt, which lots of the parents and kids seemed excited about, and we joined SO MANY KIDS up to the library today! Including adorable twins and a little girl who was very proud to be answering all of the questions.

  2. I got SO MANY BOOKS today! Volumes 2, 3 and 5 of The Ancient Magus' Bride came in (they're still waiting on four!), the second book of DC Bombshells (... I need to read both of these and then AGGRESSIVELY FOIST THEM ONTO [personal profile] captainraz), and the volume of Until Death Do Us Part I somehow managed to skip over came in! And the library got the first fifteen volumes of Skip Beat in for me so I can reread them, and [personal profile] renay is hella jealous and she doesn't know why.

  3. I did a bit of a Pokémon jaunt while I was walking from the library to my mate's house (my regular Wednesday game was cancelled, we went round to stat characters/brainstorm for another game), and a) it is GREAT to go by the bit of the castle near the students and see hordes of people sprawling around blatantly playing Pokémon, b) someone dropped lures on all three overlapping Pokéstops, it was like a fucking swarm, c) I hatched a Snorlax! And an Eggsecute! d) I stopped for a minute to check out a gym, and a massive group of people stopped nearby with their phones out.

    "Oh wow, is everyone kicking Team Valour out of that gym?" says I, and this whole group goes YES. (Me and this one other dude were the token Team Instinct members! REPRESENT, TEAM YELLOW, WE ARE THE CUTEST!) We then proceed to kick Valour out of the gym, Mystic moves in, and I get invited to go on a Pokéwalk up to the castle with this swarm of people. :) I didn't, because I was running behind, but it was really nice to be invited!
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Uncharted // Let's Start Living Dangerously
G | 816 words | Victor Sullivan, Nathan Drake | OKAY, technically no spoilers! Set pre-franchise, but using canon established in Uncharted 3? | Nate can look after himself. He's better at look after himself than Sully is, anyway.

Six months in and he still wasn't willing to take the chance that Sully was gonna go out on a job and forget to come back )
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The game taunted me with Hawkeye during the British Invasion event, now I want it. Also I read the first volume of Hawkeye and I love Clint Barton the Human Disaster. He's great. So have a drabble of Hawkeye the Human Disaster during the Spiderman event.

(GUYS I think I should maybe make a macro fic to collect my Avengers Academy drabbles in, what's a good title?)

Okay, this looks bad. )


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