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[sticky entry] Sticky: Prompts?

Sep. 22nd, 2015 12:31 am
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Hey guys - this post is going to be a sticky, so feel free to come back to it whenever you fancy! I'm doing my best to make it easy to find.

I WOULD LIKE YOU GUYS TO LEAVE ME PROMPTS, IF THAT'S OKAY. Any fandom you think I'm into or would like, any/no pairings, as many comments/prompts as you'd like. I just... Want to make a repository of things for me to write in the future that's a bit less intimidating than going through the [community profile] ff_exchange backlist. Like, I won't promise that I'll get to everything, but I really like the idea of having a fixed place to look for inspiration?

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At least partially so I have something to do while listening to these podcast samples for the Hugos that isn't crocheting. ([profile] jilliferium's housemate has had their baby and I still have wool left! I need to make ALL OF THE BOOTIES before Jill comes to visit me!)

(In related news: if the Coode Street Podcast has a download button on their mobile site, I can't see it. How unfair is it to ding an entrant for it being a pain in the arse to access their sample?)

I have SO MANY ideas and WIPs and LB posts and THINGS that need cracking into a proper, sensible to-do list and triaging. I just need to sit down and sort it out so I can plug things into my diary. Might make it my task at the weekend while I wait for laundry to finish. Hm.

(Q: Susan, is this just convoluted procrastination?
A: Man, if you think THIS is convoluted procrastination you ain't seen nothing yet.)
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I took some scrap paper in when I went to see King Arthur (again) today, because y'know, I'll take some quick notes! It'll be fine! I had some good fic ideas that I kept forgetting!

Eighteen 6x6" scraps of paper and a WHOLE BUNCH of notes later... >_>

([personal profile] thebaconfat I don't know if you're planning to see it, but if you are, let me know what you thought? There are war elephants! And I can give any spoilers/warnings you want.)
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... Seriously, one day, I am just going to sit down and do a series of posts where I try to explain fandoms that I have encountered in passing and what I think the plot and/or canon ships are based on what I've seen. It will go SO BADLY and I will be SO WRONG.

(Pro-tip: my explanation of Star Wars: Rebels would be the only one with actual names. And even then it's Ezra Who Is Jenny's Idiot Son, Hera the Great, Wren the Explosive, Purple Dude, Failbot, Ponytail Jedi of My Heart, and Douchebag McRedemptionArc who's real name is too on the nose to be worth remembering. ... Oh, and I could maybe Jojo! Because I think everyone is named Jojo? Maybe?)

... No, fuck it, this IS that day! Give me a canon/fandom you think I'm not in, I will tell you what I think it's about, and we'll see how wrong this goes.
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But I am aware of the explosions in Manchester, I've texted me mam and she says that none of my family are in town tonight so they should all be safe. I've seen a few of the older ones knocking around on FB, so it looks like we're all okay. We're okay.

(I've actually been in that concert arena, and the tram line they've had to shut down is my only route home. This is deeply deeply strange to see.)
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What time is it? Time for me to give you additional voting resources, that's what bloody time. HAVE FUN.

1) Are you registered to vote? If not, it takes five minutes on the internet, you MIGHT need your national insurance number. Do it by the 22nd. https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
1a) If you are about to say any variation of "My vote won't matter," my only response is "Yes it will, because not voting is the same as voting for the Conservatives, VOTE YOU FOOLS." ... Okay, and possibly "Nooooo, friend human, the old people will all go and vote, and they don't give a fuck because they aren't going to live long enough to deal with this bollocks." WHICHEVER WORKS.
1b) If you are a student, it is worth checking out this site to see whether it's more effective to vote at home or at uni: http://ge2017.com/students
1c) Postal votes are big and clever if you're not sure you're going to be able to make it to a polling station!

2) If you are voting tactically, this site tells you which party has a better chance of beating the Conservatives in a given constituency: https://www.tactical2017.com/
2a) ... See, I saw this tweet from Theresa May saying that she only needs to "loose" six seats to not be PM anymore, and while I'm sure that's bollocks, I feel like that's pretty good motivation, right? https://twitter.com/theresa_may/status/865855578454806529

3) If you want to see exactly what you're voting for: friend humans I am way ahead of you.
Labour Manifesto: http://www.labour.org.uk/index.php/manifesto2017 (Hey look, they showed their working!)
Conservative Manifesto: https://www.conservatives.com/manifesto (As I saw on twitter: "Isn't it interesting how few actual timeframes and plans for funding there are in here?")
Lib Dem Manifesto: http://www.libdems.org.uk/manifesto (They literally had to take out an ad to get it on the first page of Google, it was NO WHERE ELSE ON THAT PAGE.)
Green Party Manifesto: https://www.greenparty.org.uk/green-party-manifesto.html (Is apparently not up yet, despite the election being in two weeks.)
UKIP Manifesto: Excuse me I already put the Conservative manifesto here, I think that's quite enough bigotry in one post, yeah?
(If there is another party you think worth adding to the list, leave me a link in the comments and I'll add it to the post.)

This is all of the information I have that I don't feel the need to precede with "A Conservative government is LITERALLY GOING TO GET PEOPLE KILLED," feel free to share it if you don't feel like compiling the links yourself. But seriously: Registration closes on the 22nd. Postal votes will be arriving by the 2nd of June. The election is on the 8th of June.

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Me: I have to write my Eight Book Minimum stuff.
Me: Or I could do the reading for Fangirl Happy Hour.
Me: Or I could start on my Hugo reading!
Me: Oh look, I lost an entire evening to playing Banished and Renowned Explorers, how the fuck did that happen?
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I got a text from our David, my brother, on Saturday telling me he's having a boy and also not to worry about Brexit because he love me, so I phoned him, right? And he is PLASTERED. Like, full-on drunken slurring into the phone because he's so happy that he's having a boy!

David: You're gonna be an auntie!
Me: I'm already an auntie, our David, I have nine nieces.
David: No, I mean a real auntie.

Apparently it only counts if it's a boy and/or his (he alternately remembered and forgot that we have a great-nephew when trying to explain that he's the only male human in our family.), and all of the women in our family are muggles and he and his son are going to be the purebloods. Hm. That... Sure is a thing that my brother said out loud with his mouth. Along with all of the ranting about how happy he is that the baby's penis is visible on the ultrasound.

I mean, it's not that I didn't know he was dating someone (although I didn't, and it's a different person to who he mentioned last time I was down to visit, so this is a relationship that either he's been keeping secret or it's less than five months old, which is...), it's... Hm. I want to be happy for him! I genuinely do! I think he will love this kid! He will probably be fine with this kid! Because he is great with our Chloe (our mutual niece who is wobbling on the rails at the moment; she got high on some TRULY DODGY STUFF not too long ago and he was great at dealing with that.) and he loves all of his family very much. But also... Our David is a racist UKIP/Conservative-voting Brexiteer who used to get done for violent offences and now just gets done for drink driving? And I am really worried about this kid before it's even born?

It's due October 22nd, apparently it's going to be named Anthony after our David's dad1 and he wants me to come to the christening. Okay. This is doable.

(Also: I think this officially means that all of my six older siblings who are physically capable of spawning now have. Bingo?)

1: For those who are just joining us, this row of my family tree is COMPLICATED. My parents both had two daughters and a son from previous marriages when they got together, and then they had me and [twitter.com profile] jilliferium. David is my brother on my mum's side. Also yes, I am the second youngest of eight.
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  • IT IS MY BABY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY I AM SUPER HYPED! She is 24 and it's weirding me out.

  • Today I woke up with a sore throat and I'm just like "NO BODY, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE ILL, WE ARE BARELY TWO WEEKS INTO THIS MONTH OF DOOM, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!" but hopes are low.

  • Got to work at one of my OTHER libraries around 8:45 all like "Sure hope someone shows up with the keys to let me in!"

    9:00 another lady shows up and we're both like "Sure hope someone shows up with the keys to let us in!"

    9:15, we start phoning the district manager because we're supposed to be in the building by now.

    (Lady straight up just forgot, because she's not well? So she ran over with the keys, let us and the six customers waiting outside in, and then ran off to do her day. Bless.)

  • Oh god, don't you hate shifts where none of the staff who actually work in the building and know where everything is are at work that day. so you have to muddle through and hope? *lies on floor* And apparently that library has been having a problem with kids on the roof, so we had someone coming round to work out how we can stop them doing that. I'm assuming it's gonna be rusty razorwire like the back of that library but ?????

  • I ran ERRANDS today, including going to the BANK. I am super great at this.


  • Saw King Arthur and it had everything I wanted (Guy Ritchie quirks, shirtless Charlie Hunnam, ENORMOUS ANGRY WAR ELEPHANTS), which pretty much made up for the flaws (Are you going to do anything with that set-up there? Name more than two female characters? Stop killing female characters EXPLICITLY for motivating dudes?). Also I swear Kate McGraw or whatever her name is was in this for like two minutes at the start before everything went to shit.

  • I am writing all of this down because I'm lying on the chaise going "Oh god, why am I tired, why can I not get motivated to do anything?" and the answer is I HAVE USED UP ALL OF MY ACTION POINTS, OKAY, I NEED TO WAIT FOR THEM TO RECHARGE.
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I failed it by two points, but considering that I spent the last month convinced that I was going to autofail it because I spoke to early, this is the GOOD END. I can resit it, it'll suck super hard because I hate exams with the fire of a thousand suns, but it'll do.


But also I am EXHAUSTED Jesus fucking wept, guess I'm getting an early night.
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I'm now doing the thing where I am judging what work I want to do on a day by whether I want to take my laptop with me to my dayjob. I think that on Monday I DON'T? Which means that I will either not be working on transcription or will be seeing if I can do the editing on my tablet, and I'll be roughing out my Lesbrary review on paper. That's... Doable in theory?

(Also I need to read two volumes of manga while I'm on the busses to get them back to a DIFFERENT library after work, orz orz orz. I knew I didn't have time to read Tokyo Mew Mew when I took it out and then I did it anyway like a chump.)

And then... Tuesday sign language class starts again, so I'll find out if I've autofailed like a fuckmuppet and won't have time to work; Wednesday I'm doing a short shift (That library closes at 14:00 so they literally can't keep me longer!) so I'll have time to work at the library between getting out of work and going to see King Arthur; Thursday I'm working till 19:00 and I won't have the brain to do anything, Friday... I don't actually know? I think Friday the people I usually hang out with might be gaming so I will be free to type in a corner. And Saturday I'm at work till 16:00 again, which means that Sunday I will be asleep.

GOOD. GOT IT. Now I know what I'm up to and when I go "I can totally do X on such a day" I can come back here and remind myself that no, we've been over this.

(I have made the executive decision that my diary doesn't cover enough time because it stops at 20:00, which is about where my day really gets going in terms of "things I want in my diary" so I am bodging a super quick and dirty 20:00-01:00 segment to go in my diary as well. It's working so far, but I'm giving it a week to see how I like it.)


ETA: Q: Susan, in retrospect, isn't this entire post about how you're trying to fit your extra-curricular activities around your six-day work week?
A: Yes, I did realise as soon as I hit post that the biting has already happened and it's far too late, don't worry.
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It turns out that I feel less bad about doing the Extreme Time Management game when I'm already behind on literally everything I want to accomplish. ("I can do X on a day when I'm all caught up!" I tell myself, knowing that day will never come.)

I think I mentioned here that I'm gonna be busy as fuck this month with my dayjob (working at four libraries this month, sometimes two in one day; I DO THIS TO MYSELF), but also sign language class restarts, I have moonlighting to do (transcription and copy editing), AND Lady Business that I'm five months behind on.

Hoo boy.

It's a hell of my own making so I THINK I can tackle it. The transcriptions I'm just up to editing passes, so those are relatively quick and straightforward; if I can do two episodes a day I should be done by the end of next week! The copy editing and the LB stuff is open-ended but IT IS FINE, I have my concentration pills so if I can get on task I may be able to stay on it. By the end of May I will... hopefully be breaking even on being on top of my shit vs buried under it, but no guarantees.

TL;DR if you wanna know where I am this month, assume FLAILING WILDLY about how busy I am, okay? Okay.
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I got a haircut! I am back to channelling the appropriate degree of soft butch. Also I found my bandana and I've been wearing that a lot, because I LOVE IT.

Earring Game Strength: I'm a star! I also have these with the skull and crossbone on them. ([personal profile] thebaconfat YOU WERE SUPER RIGHT HOOPS LIKE THIS ARE PRETTY GOOD TO SLEEP IN.) Also Thousand Needles, Keyblade Wielder, or Dice for the Dice Gods.

Unrelated: Work had bunny ears.
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Okay, this is what my ballot looks like right now, today, before I really get into my Hugo reading. I have till June 15th (I think?) to read what I'm planning to of the rest and then make final decisions, but I'm not sure whether it's going to change much or if it's going to just be gap-filling from here on out. (I am waiting for the Hugo packet before I go on library ordering binge, so everything's gonna get shuffled around once that FINALLY GETS RELEASED.)

(Somewhere, me mam is going VOTES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SECRET and I'm sorry to disappoint her, but also I want to talk about books!)

Read more... )

AND THAT'S ME, I guess? I'll report back around the closing date to let you all know what I've picked in the end. If you're voting: have you anything in mind yet? If you're not: come and yell about books with me, I promise that I'm not having ANY conniptions about going to Worldcon, not at all.
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I've not accepted the new ToS so my posts haven't been cross-posting for quite a while, which is fine, I just need to work out what I want to do with the posts that are already there. (I have a lot of comments I want to keep, and old fic drafts, and quite frankly that is the only place I have records of, y'know, MY DAD. One day I want to be able to go back and read through them to see how different my memories are to the reality and I can't do that if they're gone. ... Plus, I would have to retag literally everything, it would be awful.)

I don't think that I want to import them to THIS journal though, because the idea of having 14 year old me's nonsense in this journal is enough to make me do a FULL BODY CRINGE. I might want to just... Make a journal here on Dreamwidth that I can import my LJ to (possibly locked?) so I've got it, and then I don't have to worry about my old stuff cluttering up here, but I've still GOT it.

What has everyone else done?
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+ Fanwork Recs.
-- Scream about Politics of Love in a comment because I'm five months late
+ Review Partners by Gerri Hill for the Lesbrary
+ Reaction shots
-- Feminist press event I went to
-- Mad Max Fury Road Black and Chrome
+ Fangirl Happy Hour
-- Type episode 83
-- Editing pass episode 77 because I promised Nay I'D only do two hours a day
+ Fic? Fic.
+ Eight Book Minimum because that is ALSO five months late.
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(And the Americans in my social group are just like "Pfft, I drive four hours to buy milk, up hill both ways in the snow.")

This weekend we (Me, Lex, Housemate Mike, and our mate Chris) went to see a couple of our ex-housemates, a couple of mates that we haven't seen in maybe four years, and seven of their friends that no one told us would be there until the day before. Hahahasob. My hopes for this trip were... Not high. Especially because we get there, there's a massive horde of strangers, and we're there maybe an hour before someone goes "So, how about a booze run?"

It was... Fine? I think? I interacted with one of my ex-housemates for maybe an hour all told across the entire weekend, which is about the right amount of time for us to interact without upset. Friday night, like I said, was DICEY – sitting in a room with strangers who are a) drinking and b) watching shite on youtube on the tv is not my idea of a good time, so I couldn't really relax? But Saturday we managed to split into smaller groups for boardgames that I knew, so even playing with strangers wasn't completely terrible? And when we went to dinner with literally everybody, I managed to be sitting next to two garrulous nerd dudes, and you know what you can often get garrulous nerd dudes to do? Talk at great length about a topic that they're interested in. So we managed to get them onto the topic of World Of Darkness and the differences between old!WoD and new!WoD, which is a topic I know exactly enough about the ask questions and not enough to mind people talking at me at great length on it, so I could listen to people being excited about topics they're interested in. And then it was "play a couple of boardgames that I don't usually play, with people that I know" and then retreat to a sofa to read The Obelisk Gate because I needed to catch up on my Fangirl Happy Hour reading.

(Their house is SUPER FANCY, holy fuck. One of my ex-housemates is a vet, so she earns ridiculous money and her house is amazing. They have have like a three-bed house with two bathrooms, two reception rooms, and a kitchen big enough to serve as a dining room. And it's all wood floors and fancy appliances and reclining sofas and a tv almost as big as I am. My jealousy knows no bounds. Especially because I'm reminded that her manga collection is amazing.)

I THINK I did okay. I didn't fight with anyone, I don't remember being rude to anyone, I specifically took my concentration pills to help me focus on things, I don't think I really spoke to many people outside of playing boardgames but honestly that works in everyone's favour for something with as many people as that. It means that I probably didn't catch up with people like I ought to have, but that is still the better alternative to catching up and ending up picking a fight. There were only a few points where I wanted to scream a lot. It wasn't how I'd have chosen to spend my weekend, but it was okay. And now I don't need to see them again for at least a year.
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Goodnight just laughs, relying on drunk to cover heartsick, and smiling wide enough to flash a wink of gold to cover the seams. "I can't get in a Jaeger, Sam, and you know it. I'd blow the base without even knowing it was there."

Sam inclines his head, allowing for the possibility. Sam knows he's got the dubious honour of being the only one he'd admit that to, because Lord knows that Sam's seen him worse off than this.

(He had the idea once of asking Sam if he'd go to the mat with him, see if they were compatible, but he doesn't know what'd be worse – knowing once and for all that they're not, or their being compatible and Sam finally seeing the coward heart that beats in Goodnight's chest and pulses run run run.

Even knowing for certain whether Sam's actually got that death wish wouldn't make up for that.)

"I need you, Goody," Sam says again, and puts his hand on Goodnight's shoulder. It's warm and steadying, and Goodnight takes a deep breath that shudders on the way in.

"If that's true, then God help us all." But he doesn't brush Sam's hand away, and he stays in his chair while Sam talks, Sam's thumb rubbing absently against his shoulder in time with his heart beating run, run, run.

He doesn't know who's more surprised to find that he doesn't run, him or Sam. Sam keeps his cards close to his chest, but he actually trips over his "Good morning" when Goodnight joins him in the hotel dining room.
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Hugo Award image showing that LADY BUSINESS IS A NOMINEE!


I am so proud of us, oh my god, look at this. Look! And we're not there because someone else dropped out or as a reaction to Sad/Rabid Puppy shenanigans, we're just... There. Legitimately. Because people nominated us because maybe they like us or something?

I am crying, guys, oh my goodness. Thank you everyone who nominated us! Thank you so much!

This ballot is really exciting though -- there are so many categories where I'm looking at it going "I don't know how I'm going to choose, everything I recognise I really liked!" and that's how it's supposed to be. I mean, there's a couple of duds, but that's fine? Those are avoidable? For the most part, I'm stuck on little things like there not being a single white dude in the best novel category, or how I recognise so many of these names I am happy to see them!

My nomination strategy was literally "What is going to make me clap like a seal if I see it on the ballot?" and I am so glad that strategy actually paid off.

Which is the long, tearful way of saying "Thank you so much everyone, I am honoured to be on this ballot with this company, and congratulations to all the nominees!" (Especially my fellow [community profile] ladybusiness folks, who I'm sure I haven't hugged enough over this development.)

I... Guess it's a good thing I assembled a party to go to Worldcon in Helsinki, then?
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(Q: Susan, aren't you like seven chapters and 60 levels into the game?

SUDDENLY why Noctis is so protective of the fucking junkpile of a car makes sense! There are points in the game where I'm just like WE HAVE SIXTY THOUSAND GIL, WE CAN JUST BUY A NEW CAR but now it makes more sense.

I am enjoying FFXV but god I wish some of the characterisation from the side-stories made it into canon.


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Hi! I'm Susan, I write for [community profile] ladybusiness, and I'm currently trying to post at least 100 words of fic every day.

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